Anvil Frames and Cowboy Art



Anvil… I just love the possibilities this frame style offers. It fuses faux patinas of textured metal with designs made from additional finishes looking like rivets and soft embedded wire. Sometimes the finishes contain what looks like flecks of rust. Sometimes one sees a leftover layer of copper or a faded metallic silver. These frames are slightly urban, slightly organic and always flexible when  speaking to the art.


When one of our favorite clients came by with a limited edition print by artist Peter McIntyre we knew we would find a great framing solution with our anvil collection.

Peter McIntyre's West

Peter McIntyre’s West

We opted for simplicity. We wanted the frame to enhance the rugged feeling of the art and blend into the surroundings of the home where it would hang.

Hanging in the Home

Anvil Frames

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Fall Portraits

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Our Story Continues

Over the years I have had the privilege of watching many young lives grow from infancy to young adults. They have taught me, again and again, how special the many moments in our lives are. They have taught me how unique we all are. They have taught me how every moment holds a story.

These stories grow, continue and change. We pass them on to others. I have come to value the stories in all of us.

Each of my portrait sessions is just that. A story. They are meant to remind us of where we’ve come from and who we are becoming. They are meant to frame as an artful moment and enhance a family wall. They are meant to share as a gift.

Give me a call or email and share your stories with me. I’ll turn them into works of art for you.


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Edge Style Framing

Edge style framing is the perfect solution for today’s contemporary minimalist style. We call these three D’s the Essence of Edge. Define. Delineate. Do not Distract. The message of the art remains.In urban settings and in the weathered, textured beach settings of our coastal community this frame treatment always enhances. Bring us your project. We think you’ll love our designs.

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